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A Complete Tour of Instant Money Transfer (IMT)

Nowadays technologies are well developed especially in banking sector it plays a major role. Now all the banks are interconnected, and the accounts details are always ready to use on the central server using the centralized network. The advantage of maintaining data’s in central server is people can instantly transfer their fund between accounts or anyone in the world.

A Complete Tour of Instant Money Transfer (IMT)

Banks have introduced a lot of available activity for customers like Online Banking, Online Payments, etc. So now they added Instant Money Transfer (IMT) to this facility you can send money to anyone without knowing their account number, Just you can send the money using your beneficiary mobile number.

I know, you have a question about How it is possible to send the money by using only the recipient mobile number correct? I will explain below how it’s work.

IMT is the innovative service of cardless cash withdrawal. By using IMT service, you can send money to any Bank Branches in India or within the icici bank branches.

The receiver can withdrawal their money from an ATM without using a debit card. It is not mandatory for the receiver to have an account in the banks, The beneficiary received a message to the mobile phone, about the details of how to withdrawal the money.

When to use IMT (Instant Money Transfer)

You may use IMT at any point in time but, the below cases are very useful to use IMT process.

  • Instant money needs for the beneficiary.
  • A beneficiary doesn’t have any bank account.
  • If, forget the recipient account number and IFSC Code.
  • Beneficiary not available to physical cash delivery.

How to Initiate IMT?

By Using IMT, you can send money to anyone in the India by using the mobile number. Before, start the fund transfer, the sender should be activated internet banking and then initiate IMT. After initiated the IMT you should register for your beneficiary details like Name, Address, and Mobile Number. It is simple, right? Instead of searching beneficiary account number and IFSC Code of Branch, etc., this IMT is the very easy method to transfer money.

Once, the beneficiary registered. A sender can transfer the money by initiating the IMT using receiver mobile number. The transfer will be complete as soon as possible it depends on the network. But the beneficiary will receive all the details about transaction via text message to the mobile number when fund transfer has initiated. The available details in SMS are below,

  • IMT Amount – It describes How much amount.
  • SMS Code – Use it during money withdrawal.
  • IMT ID – This is an ID to refer the transaction.
  • IMT expiry date – This Denotes you to when will be the last date for withdrawal of money.

How to withdrawal Money?

After, the text message has been received to the beneficiary mobile phone about the status of the transaction. He/She can access any of your bank ATM Network and select the option called withdrawal via IMT.

ATM requires some details from the beneficiary to avoid unauthorized withdrawal.

  • Mobile Number (IMT Details received)
  • SMS Code
  • Sender Code
  • IMT Amount

All the above details are available in the received text message by the beneficiary. Cash will be dispensed from the ATM once details get verified. The SMS code will expire after first use.

There is the ceiling for the sender is Rs.10,000 per transaction, and the limit for the receiver is Rs.25.000 per month. It could be the very popular method to send money instantly when someone in need.

Smart Tips to Get More Views on YouTube

In today’s world, We can’t even live without technologies because we cannot even move a single step without technologies. So technologies have a major part in everyone’s life. Suppose if you are a business man,you are looking to promote your business through marketing, youtube is the best platform to promote your business.


One of the best ways to promote your business on youtube is getting views from your audience and ask an audience to subscribe to your channel or you can buy youtube views and likes from some authorised sellers. Many of the YouTubers want to get more views on our channel, Some of them only know what is the way?? Most of them not even know what is the call to action??in youtube, this is one of the main drawbacks. Here we will see some smart tips to get more views on youtube.

Tips to Increase Your Views:

  1. Creating a Quality Content
  2. Uploading a Video
  3. Create annotation to your videos
  4. Add Bulletins to your video
  5. Use playlist to organise your content
  6. Optimize your meta tag
  7. Share your video as soon as soon it
  8. Use a blog or website to promote your videos
  9. Maintain the video uploading frequency
  10. Add some interesting name that briefly tells about your video.


By using this above tricks and tips you can easily get lots of views to your channel. This is some ways you can easily get more views to your channel or else you can buy views on youtube from some authorised sellers.

How to Selecting Perfect Party Balloons????

In today’s world, if you want to celebrate a birthday party or want to celebrate a wedding party, balloons are one of the most important things. Balloons are an essential element for any party, So selecting the perfect party balloon for a party is a very important one.

Selecting party balloons for different kinds of events requires some planning so it is important to choose different types of balloons on the market. If you want to select different types of party balloons,balloon decorators in bangalore will help you. Are you in bangalore???yes, so it will be more useful for you. Not every buyer are familiar with most popular balloon choice. Here we will see some different types of party balloons…

Types of party balloons:

  1. Latex balloon
  2. Mylar or foil balloon
  3. Bubble balloon

1)Latex balloon:

Latex balloons are made from rubber and it will come in different variety of sizes,shapes like heart,flowers,round etc,and also it had different colours. Either you can fill this balloons with air or you can fill this balloons with helium.

Party balloons are available at most retail or party supply stores well as it will available in online sites also. Buyers have a freedom to choose a different kind of balloons from different shops.

2)Mylar or foil balloon:

Foil balloons are made from mylar nylon coated with the metallic finish and printed designs and these balloons are come in different types of sizes,shapes, and colours. So we can easily decorate your party hall in different kind of themes whatever you want.

3)Bubble balloon:

Bubble balloons are made from stretchy, clear plastic and it will come in the ball shape, and also it will come in a variety of colours and printed designs. You can fill this balloons with helium.Balloons are a universal way to decorate your party hall, if you want to decorate your party hall in a unique way you will contact birthday party organisers bangalore.

How To Repair Self Balancing Scooters

Self-balancing scooters are the new rage among the people. Youngsters, middle aged people, and oldies everyone is liking them. They are also called as Hoverboard. They are good for short distance travelling which is close upto 5 km. One just has to master the art of starting and stopping this vehicles.

Repair Self Balancing Scooters

New self-balancing scooters come up with limited warranty. After a few months this vehicles starts giving you a little bit of trouble. It is the main disadvantage of these kind of vehicles. But there are solutions to repair them. Many of the solutions are even available on the internet.

You will find problems in even the best of scooters which are popular worldwide. For e.g there is one brand called ‘Swagtron T1’ which is popular. You get the reviews about these scooters online by just typing specific keywords like Swagtron T1 review. Even these scooters have got minor issues.

One way of repairing these scooters on your own is by referring the sites on which some videos are available. All these videos solve different kind of issues like shaking of scooter, repairing the charging problem of scooter, repairing the sensor, repairing the fuse etc.

These scooters are made of several important parts. The most important part is the battery. Sometimes the cables inside the scooters are loose because of which there are problems. It is because of shaking the scooter during riding. So it is important that you ride your scooter carefully to avoid such problems. At times these is also because of manufacturing defects.

Whenever you have got some problem with the scooter, check the LED lights. The scooter is dumbbell shaped divided into two parts. So one can check both the parts individually. Check whether one part is fine before moving to the next. This way you will be saving a lot of time by unnecessarily not fiddling with the other part.

All the parts should be removed very carefully. There are 20 screws overall which hold the scooter together. All these 20 parts must be removed carefully. Any kind of shoddy work here will result in more trouble. You can also replace the subboard. Both the parts are connected with a wire. So while putting a new keyboard, the wire must be connected properly. After putting in the wire, the screws must be properly attached.

Reattach the wire which is leading to the motherboard. Similarly other parts should replugged and rescrewed. During all these process, one should be careful enough to not put any kind of liquid on the chips or any other internal part of the scooter. Otherwise these chips will go for a toss and whole system will breakdown.

After finishing the repairing part, the parts must be screwed back firmly. For checking whether the scooter is properly working or not, turn on the power and see if the LED lights are working. If you still feel that the problem persists then take some expert advice or replace the parts which have got damaged.

Why LinkedIn Is So Important For Professionals And Job-Seekers?

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media networks in the world. It is quite different from other social networks. You can share everything here, you will give like, comment to other post but compare to other networks, and here you can connect more professionals, corporate people, and job-seekers. For example, when you are searching for a job, you need a reference; you need to know some experts on your industry. So, when it comes to connecting professionals, improving your career, knowing different people, hiring and getting hired by others, the only source you need is a LinkedIn portal. Along with that, you can use this place for business-2-business activities.

Why LinkedIn Is So Important For Professionals And Job-Seekers

LinkedIn is such a popular social media site and especially it is a business-oriented social networking site. There are 500 million active users connecting with LinkedIn. More than a 4 million companies from all over the world have the LinkedIn company page. There are the lot of professionals, entrepreneurs, employee, CEO’s and job-seekers available to have on online presence via LinkedIn. Here are some reasons why professionals and job-seekers must have the LinkedIn profile and why it is important. Let’s discuss them out below:

Excellent for Connecting People:

LinkedIn connections buy is admirable for connecting with professionals. It is the best place to connect experts and users. It is the great place for creating strong connections. Connect the people who are in your industry, connect the people who are interested in you, connect the people who are experts, professionals, entrepreneurs in the different industry as well.

Here you can ask a question regarding your subject, regarding your industry. Building a strong and long-lasting connection with your industry will help you grow to the next level.

Best Platform:

LinkedIn remains the best platform to promote you as a professional. It is one of the best ways to promote you on the internet. Your career begins here. Here, you can advertise yourself by adding your skills, knowledge, jobs and working experience. Also, you can build credibility/integrity as a professional. Build connections. Invite your friends, connect your colleagues, and follow other business people who are in better connections. Having more connection on your profile will give more exposures either you can buy connections on LinkedIn.

Having LinkedIn company page will improve online presence. Generally, LinkedIn has a great authority on Google. As SERP LinkedIn individuals (company) pages tend to rank really well on the top search engine like Google.

How to Get Pan Card Status By Acknowledgement No Only

Here we are going to show you the very important guidelines of how to check Pan Card Status with filling only acknowledgement no. yes now it is possible; now any one can fill the acknowledgement no and see their current Pan Card position. For this it is necessary that applicant should possess acknowledgement no which is given only after submitting all the required documents and form properly. Acknowledgement no is only the actual proof that you have submitted the form. Just after three days of receiving acknowledgement no individual can check Pan Card status to get the real position of making Pan Card. it is very true that in this busy and financial schedule everyone needs Pan Card to do a big business deals and any other financial procedures. Similarly, you can check aadhar card online too. Pan Card is the only proof that you are the Indian citizen liable for paying tax. Now let us show you the important information how you can see your Pan Card status online.

How to Get Pan Card Status By Acknowledgement No Only

How to check Pan Card status by Acknowledgement No only

Once you get acknowledgement no then it is true that you will defiantly going to get Pan Card. But sometimes it is unbearable when it take more than enough time to get it. For that people we have made our guidelines for how to show your Pan Card status only by filling acknowledgement no.

  • First open its official website
  • Fill all the details as per the column
  • In acknowledgement no column write your acknowledgement no
  • Now submit

In just few seconds you are able to view your Pan Card current procedure. Sometimes something lacking could stop the going on procedure. Make inquiry to the state office why it happened and tell them to take correct steps for it. See how easily with filling only your acknowledgement no you are ready to see actual Pan Card status. Forward it to them who are facing the same problem like you for their convenience.

Top 5 High Achievers in Business

This list is made up of people belonging to different backgrounds and culture. Some can boast of having impressive academic records and there are those who did not go through high education. Here is the list of extraordinary people with admirable accomplishments.

Top 5 High Achievers in Business

Bill Gates:

He is the co-founder of Microsoft. His dream of building a software program drove him to Harvard. Today, that software is in use by almost all computers across the globe. Windows is an operating System that is enjoying most popularity along with other Microsoft products. Bill has been among the richest people in the world for more than a decade.

Oprah Winfrey:

Winfrey owes her success to her determination. The Oprah Winfrey Show can be ranked as one of the most successful and longest running show of its kind. She grew up in Mississippi and faced abject poverty. Today, her fortunes run into billions and has been a rich entertainer in the USA.

Warren Buffet:

Buffet is the CEO of “Oracle of Omaha” or Berkshire and Hathaway. On the Forbes, he has changed first position with Bill Gates many times. Bill Gates is his fellow Philanthropist and friend. He showed reluctance towards investing in the tech companies. He owes his success to his strategy of being hold of stocks belonging to strong companies. If Warren made the slightest divestment, it would destabilize Wall Street as well as a selling frenzy.

Indra Nooyi:

Nooyi is an Alumnus of the popular Indian Institute of Management. She took up the position of CEO of Pepsico from Steve Reinemund, in 2006. Previously, she was the CFO of F & B Giant. She went on to restructure Pepsico. She also diversified the restaurant brand to be known as “Yum Foods.” She also acquired Tropicana and Quaker Oats. Upon becoming Pepsico’s CFO and then rising to the CEO position, the profits of the company rose sharply. She has constantly featured on the Forbes whenever the World’s most powerful women are listed.

Lakshmi Nivas Mittal:

Having acquired Arcelor to form the conglomerate, Arcelor Mittal garnered global attention. He is one of the largest producers of steel globally. His wealth is worth billions of dollars, making him appear in the Forbes constantly. He started being involved in steel making at the family level. With time, he established his own venture and gave it an international division. He started with a steel plant based in Indonesia. With time he managed to build one of the largest steel making firms in the world.

Note that the list of top achievers in business keeps changing. New names have been appearing in Forbes and some of the old ones being pushed out. Being ready to strive hard seems to be the secret when it comes to achieving these dreams.

How To Turn Your Twitter Account Into A Powerful Marketing Tool

With the increasing number of people who use Twitter, you can turn it to be a powerful marketing took as far as you understand how to benefit from it. When you use twitter, you only have to use 140 characters in the social media site in order to drive the traffic to your website or business. You can benefit from the following tips on how to turn your twitter account into an important marketing tool.

twitter account into a powerful marketing tool

Use the Right Tweets

Optimize for the tweets: ensure that the company identity or voice had been branded well. This means that your bio has to tell the people about your business and this should include the link to the company landing page or company website. You should use a consistent tone so the people will understand your business.

Learn about the experts and influencers in your industry to interact with them. You can use available tools so that you can find the influencers, customers and the like minded prospects in the industry so that you can interact with them on daily basis. While talking with the people, you should remember to be casual and not promotional. You should build the relationship and you can build the opportunities so that you can collaborate.

Ask the people who work with you to collaborate. The people who can help your business to build a brand on Twitter have to come inside the business. You should ask them to follow you, to tweet and to retweet what you post so that other people may see that there is an engagement going on with your account. If this doesn’t increase your Twitter presence, you can easily buy targeted twitter followers from authority sites based on your needs.

Post Regular Tweets

Post tweet on regular basis since it is the sign that you are active and that your profile is healthy. If you do not tweet on regular basis, some people will end up forgetting that you exist. However, you should not tweet anything for the sake of tweeting, you have to make sure that you have useful and relevant information which people can click on or read. You should not be afraid of asking your followers for the favors such as making your tweets their favorites and retweeting.

Check if there is anything mentioned about your business and you should respond when it is appropriate. You can track the keywords and any mention about your brand. If anything had been mentioned about your business, you have to ensure that you responded to it in a professional and polite way. Some people are not aware of the favorite tweets of their business but they can get attention from someone to mention or to retweet the information. You can follow the hashtag or trends so that you can be aware of what it is trending. When you add the company into the trending topics, the handle will be found if people want to search for a certain hashtag.

Advantages Of Using HTTP For SEO

HTTP is quite different in its ranking factors. Unlike others, it requires complexity, costs and risks as well. But, it has a lot of benefits such as:

1. You get increased security on it.
2. You may get better referral data by using HTTPS websites.
3. Ultimately, your ranking may boost up from 4 or 5 to 10, means, it’s a great deal.

advantages of http

It gives you much more advantages. But, it should be noted that the advantages of SEO are much more than the advantages of HTTPS. Some of them which are provided by the professionals from SEO Services Bangalore are given below:

More referrer data:

we know that whenever traffic passes from a secure HTTP site to a non secure HTTP site, you referral data may get disturbed. This is really a big problem, as you don’t know about the origin of that traffic. So, it not only disturb you in your operations but it also wastes you time. But, there is a simple solution for you that whenever this kind of thing begins to happen, your secure information is preserved. This becomes much important for you if a lot of other sites begin to open and interrupt your data.

It’s a great ranking boost:

yes! HTTP is a great ranking boost. It is great news that now, Google have confirmed all the ranking boosts of HTTPS. There is no detectable advantage to the sites using HTTPS. And moreover, it is very hard to isolate its own ranking signals. Thus we can say that HTTPS do not act as a silver bullet. But, it should be noted that SEO activities are surely more impactful than HTTPS. In contrast to HTTPS, SEO have attractive links, reduced crawl errors, great quality content, improved internal linking, Great speed, on page optimization and much more.

Security and privacy of your work:

many people think that only HTTPS provide you with security if you use sensitive passwords in your sites. But, it is not true. You can get many benefits from HTTPS/SSL encryption. We should know that only a website is that server which is supposed to be talking to. HTTPS stop man in the middle attacks in your work, which is one more addition to your work safety and so, security in your business. Moreover, for further security purposes, HTTPS encrypt all kinds of communications. Those communications may involve URL’s and so, your information like browsing history and credit card numbers become safe. So, you are much benefited.

So, your work is safe on internet. This is of much benefit to you. Complete security is provided to you in your work and business, and the chances of your business hacks are reduced to a great sum. Due to this security, you can make progress in your business by leaps and bounds. So, all your work is safe now!

The Importance Of Web Traffic For Internet Marketing

Getting traffic to your new or old website is not an easy thing. It may seem very easy but it involves a thorough research and relative activity to get hits on your website. Traffic on a particular site is generally measured in graphs. The market analysts analyze the current popularity of the site and take action to improve within a certain time period.

The Importance Of Web Traffic For Internet Marketing

The Objective:

The main objective of any company or a start-up organization is to make people aware of their product or services through the site. But why people will visit your site? There are plenty of homogeneous sites available where the users can find relevant information. To make your site one of the best among them, you need to take several strategies.

Social media and other promotional sites take active part in increasing site traffic. The main objective of any online marketer is to make their site logo or ad available in as many promotional sites as possible. Every time a user opens any site, they get notification or ad on the side or top about some other site or product they are looking for. Once they click on the ad or pop-up, the new page redirects the user to the main page. This is the most commonly used technique of getting web traffic on any website.

The Measuring Statistics:

To measure the traffic rate on a website, there are various techniques in use. The latest statistics enable the analysts to understand the average traffic on a website. Most of the companies pay other sites for each visit that are directed from their site and this is how it works. Traffic on a site does not come all of a sudden, for that you have to take necessary actions.

On the other hand, there are various other parameters to be measured such as average time of visiting by a single user, average page duration etc. A website contains many files and links. The main job is to equalize the traffic in each and every page and link, so that the overall site gets popular.

Controlling Factor:

When the site gets enough popularity, it is again a difficult job to handle the traffic. Web traffic cannot be estimated so perfectly. It may happen that at a time, many users start visiting your site and unfortunately your site get crushed. So enhancing resources to get traffic is not the only job of web traffic activity but also to maintain the sustainability matters a lot.

Marketers use SEO or search engine optimization techniques to attract more relevant customers who come online to search relevant information or to buy. Bulk promotional mails, putting meaningful ads on several websites are the strategies to use to increase web traffic.