How To Repair Self Balancing Scooters

Self-balancing scooters are the new rage among the people. Youngsters, middle aged people, and oldies everyone is liking them. They are also called as Hoverboard. They are good for short distance travelling which is close upto 5 km. One just has to master the art of starting and stopping this vehicles.

Repair Self Balancing Scooters

New self-balancing scooters come up with limited warranty. After a few months this vehicles starts giving you a little bit of trouble. It is the main disadvantage of these kind of vehicles. But there are solutions to repair them. Many of the solutions are even available on the internet.

You will find problems in even the best of scooters which are popular worldwide. For e.g there is one brand called ‘Swagtron T1’ which is popular. You get the reviews about these scooters online by just typing specific keywords like Swagtron T1 review. Even these scooters have got minor issues.

One way of repairing these scooters on your own is by referring the sites on which some videos are available. All these videos solve different kind of issues like shaking of scooter, repairing the charging problem of scooter, repairing the sensor, repairing the fuse etc.

These scooters are made of several important parts. The most important part is the battery. Sometimes the cables inside the scooters are loose because of which there are problems. It is because of shaking the scooter during riding. So it is important that you ride your scooter carefully to avoid such problems. At times these is also because of manufacturing defects.

Whenever you have got some problem with the scooter, check the LED lights. The scooter is dumbbell shaped divided into two parts. So one can check both the parts individually. Check whether one part is fine before moving to the next. This way you will be saving a lot of time by unnecessarily not fiddling with the other part.

All the parts should be removed very carefully. There are 20 screws overall which hold the scooter together. All these 20 parts must be removed carefully. Any kind of shoddy work here will result in more trouble. You can also replace the subboard. Both the parts are connected with a wire. So while putting a new keyboard, the wire must be connected properly. After putting in the wire, the screws must be properly attached.

Reattach the wire which is leading to the motherboard. Similarly other parts should replugged and rescrewed. During all these process, one should be careful enough to not put any kind of liquid on the chips or any other internal part of the scooter. Otherwise these chips will go for a toss and whole system will breakdown.

After finishing the repairing part, the parts must be screwed back firmly. For checking whether the scooter is properly working or not, turn on the power and see if the LED lights are working. If you still feel that the problem persists then take some expert advice or replace the parts which have got damaged.

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